Nuclear packaging wood

Trust us for the machining or machining subcontracting of your nuclear packaging wood. We are competent in the sourcing of wood and can carry out tests of the volumic mass to ensure that we respect your specifications exactly. We will then continue to shape your parts with our digitally controlled machines. Your parts will be checked for dimensions and humidity content. Then we carry out the large scale production of your parts, according to your needs.

1. The wood is sourced and samples are sent to the laboratory

  • Purchase, reception and identification of the batches.
  • Measure of the volumic mass of the beams and squared lumber using calibrated tools. The data is recorded in Excel format.
  • The batches are sorted by volumic mass to select the elements for use according to your specifications. An initial humidity control to check that the wood is ready for use.
Nuclear packaging wood 2

3. Shipping

  • Marking sub-sets following your specifications.
  • Palettization.
Nuclear packaging wood 1

2. Shaping and verification

  • Preparation of pre-shaped parts by gluing and identification of the position of each part on a tracking form.
  • Usinage / Shaping on digitally operated machines.
  • Dimensional and humidity verification after dry shaping. Data is recorded on a control chart.
Nuclear packaging wood 3